1)  Are you thinking of relaunching your career after a parental break and You have no idea where to begin? 
2)  Do you feel empty and yearn to do something for yourself as a Woman?
3)  Do you have a lot of ideas and you want to do and take on different projects but ends up not finishing any of it? 
4)  Do you have a lot of goals and walk around the whole day with more than 1 career plan bubble on top of your head?
5)  Are you doubting your capability to have a balanced career life together with being a Mother and a Wife.
6)  Do you want to be unstuck in an automatic/robotic and routinely kind of life and have a time to focus on your career goal?
7)  Is Mom-Guilt syndrome eating you alive?
8)  Do you want to have a thriving Career Mom life?


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