Ranessa Chavez-Krause 
Resilience Builder to International Families 
Career Coach to Expat/Trailing Spouses, SAHMs,  and Migrant Wives

Advocates resilience and support to the transitioning and integrating expat families of Almere and a Career Coach to women who aim to rediscover their utmost potentials, relaunch their career and rejoin the workforce. She strongly believes that a fulfilled woman is an equivalent of an empowered mother thus resulting in a more empowered and resilient expatriated/integrated family.

I bridge (service providers) companies, organizations and government institutions that aims to provide an Expat friendly support and assistance to the International families living in the city of Almere.
Service provider partners are given criteria's in order to be certified with a "Happy Expat Seal of Approval".

"I was a lost Expat Wife, Mother and Woman - through the difficulties and challenges, I found myself again. I Empower Women, especially the Mothers who want to reach their goals as a Woman. I am passionate about this for I believe that every Empowered Woman, is an Empowered Mother. One Mother at a time, One Family at a time. 
I am aiming high to change how the world perceives a Stay-at-home Mom, Expat/Trailing Spouse, and Migrant Wives through Family Reunification. Tapping to the women's utmost potentials by helping them reach their goals enables them to have the  mindset shift on how they see themselves and how the stigma on these labels can be altered - into something greater, independent, powerful and liberating." - Ranessa Chavez-Krause