Settling-In Assistance

Getting settled into a new country is not easy.  You might face different obstacles and has questions that need to be answered.  We offer a package to help you with  the challenges you might face while settling in.  This can be the translation of a letter you have received, to filling up an important form or advise on a fun activity you can do with your family.  You can call, skype or e-mail us 5 days a week and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

Women (Spouse) Empowerment

The Netherlands has its own language called Dutch - which is very far from the English language. Language can be a hindrance or a set back to find a job and a social life in The Netherlands. We offer different courses to help women integrate into Dutch society with the focus of giving them the tools into reaching their own goals for their personal growth as a woman. For this,  we offer:

All About School 
"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." ~ Aristotle

This doesn't mean that the growing process should be as bitter as the roots. 
We are here to assist by; 

* Giving advise on the different educational systems in the Netherlands
* Assist in searching for a kindergarden/daycare/school (either international or local)
* Coordination of visits to different centers/schools.
* Helping you search the best after school activity for you child.
* Search and advise on language courses or tutor for your child.