Christmas Activities (Almere and Nearby Cities)

Published on 21 December 2018 at 09:40

Are You looking for Christmas related activities that You can do with the whole family? Here are the Ones that we recommend. 

Event: Kerstfeest Kinderboerderij
Organizer: Stad & Natuur Almere
Date: 21 December      Time: 18:30 - 20:30
Location: Kinderboerderij en Stadsakker Den Uylpark
                Heerenveenpad 42, 1324CB, Almere-Stad
Price: Free Entrance, no registration needed
Click here for the event link (in Dutch).

Details and Activities:
    > Read aloud (Voorlezen)
    > Arts and Crafts with Elly van de Kunstbus (Continuous activity)
    > Coloring and mask makin (Continuous activity)
    > 19.00-19.30 Treasure hunt through a lantern-lit park
    > 19.30  Marshmallows roasting on an openfire
    > Bread baking, after the end of the trail. Of Course, there is also hot chocolate, coffee and tea and delicious unlimited christmas cookies - sponsored by the Albert Heijn.
The petting zoo is decorated, the animals are in their good mood and cozy christmas music will be played in the background.

Event: Kerstmarkt in Haven
Organizer: Winkelcentrum Almere Haven
Date: 22 December 
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Location: Almere Haven-Centrum
Price: Free Entrance, no registration needed
Click here for the event link (in Dutch).

Details and Activities: 
    > Last-minute Christmas shopping                       > Hot chocolate and Gluhwijn available
    > Delicious "snert" (erwten or peasoup)               > Kids skating
    > Music with choir and an orchestra                     > Beautiful Christmas music 
    > Photo oppotunity with a sled and in Charles Dickens costume
    > Mrs. Santa and Snow White walking around the market. 

Event: KerstParade Almere Buiten Centrum
Organizer: Winkelcentrum Almere Haven
Date: 22 December
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Location: Almere Buiten-Centrum
Price: Free Entrance, no registration needed
Click here for the event link (in Dutch).

Details: A fun new experience in Almere Buiten Centrum! Come to the 1st Edition of the Christmas Parade. There will be Christmas Acts throughout the Centre. In every areas od Globeplein, Noordeinde and on the car park of DoeMere there will be activities going on and something to do.

Event: Kinderworkshop Kerstboompje kleien
Organizer: Almere Centrum
Date: 22, 23 December
Time: 12:00 - 16:00
Location: Schippersgarage, Almere Stad
Price: FREE
Click here for the event link (in Dutch).

Details: On Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 december can clay on away into the Christmas mood during the children's workshop of Christmas tree clay.
While the children enjoy this sensory Christmas crafts, the parents can participate in the cozy Cooking workshop for Appetizers on Saturday 22 december or the Sushi Making workshop on Sunday 23 december.

Event: Feestshoppen XXL
Organizer: Almere Centrum
Date: 22, 23, 24 December
Time: 10:00 
Location: Schippersgarage 9, Almere Stad
Click here for the event link (in Dutch).

Details: Come Christmas shopping in Almere Centrum, on these 3 extra special days before Christmas - the shops are open longer than usual and there will be Christmas performances, street theatre and music.
The days are filled with the warmest and coziest activities. So you can go shopping and maybe sing-along with Santa Claus, pop choir or the winter Queen. 
After shopping for the Christmas gifts, you can have it packed by the (inpakservice)  packing service, so you do not have to wait long at the shops until it is packed. As You wait for your gifts to be packed, You can be warmed up with a hot chocolate and fun giveaways that can make your Christmas even more fabulous this year!

Event: De ECHTE KERSTMAN komt In De Waagpassage Lelystad
Organizer: December Entertainment

Date and Time: 23 Dec at 12:00 – 24 Dec at 12:00
Location: Waagpassage Lelystad

Price: No given price indication
Click here for the event link (in Dutch).
Details: Music, fun, dance, Christmas spirit atmosphere, and of course.... let not forget the 
            Photoshoot with the real Santa Claus.

Event: De Kinderkerstnacht
Organizer: De Drieklank
Date: 24 December 
Time: 19:00-20:15
Location: De Drieklank, Chicagostraat 101, 
1334KD Almere-Buiten

Price: Free Entrance, no registration needed
Click here for the event link (in Dutch).

Details: Join de Drieklank Team in the story of the Christmas night!
  This year three Kings are looking for the King's child. Will they be able to find the child?      Doors open at 19.00pm, presentation/re-enactment starts at 19.30pm

Event: Kerst Expres
Organizer: Museumstoomtram Hoorn - Medemblik

Date and Time: 24 Dec at 10:30 - 30 Dec at 14:30

Location: Museumstoomtram Hoorn-Medemblik,   Van Dedemstraat 8, 1624NN, Hoorn

Price and Event link: Click here, written in Dutch.
Details: You will experience the coziest Christmas with Instant time travel by steam tram from Hoorn to Santa Claus waiting for you with a Christmas atmosphere in the station of Wognum from 1887. Christmas Express drives 3 x daily from 24 to 30 december.

Christmas Brunch In and Around the City of Almere

NOTE: This is a compilation of our recommendations that are based on our past great experiences with the above events and the organizers. The Family Expat Center did not receive any monetary incentive, written this not for commercial purpose rather to inform the Expatriate Families for ease of finding a great Christmas activity for the entire family. All with Our pure pleasure.
The Family Expat Center wishes You and Every loved one of Yours a Blessed Christmas and a Resilient New Year!

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