King's Day in Almere - 1st timer's Guide

Published on 26 April 2019 at 09:42

Is this your first time to experience The Netherlands' King's Day?
Yes?  Then you are in for a huge treat!  If you are into late night parties, love the crowd and crazy with bargain deals - King's Day is truly your day. 

Gemeente Almere has released an official article about the activities available in the City. 
Below is the English translated version of the article. The original  version can be read here

King's Day Almere 2019
To celebrate and enjoy the King's Day, you don't have to travel out of Almere.
The King's Day party starts on Friday evening April 26th and continues until Saturday evening April 27th. In many places there are fleamarkets and musical activities.

By bus or bike on King's Day
Due to the expected hustle and bustle, we advise you to go around through the public transport or by bike. By bus you can easily get to and from Almere City as well as Almere Haven, Buiten and Poort will also be reachable thru this option.
Redirection routes are indicated on location and as needed. On street parking in the flea market area will be prohibited: there is a parking ban and a towing scheme that will be strictly implemented. The parking garages are subject to normal rates.
In Almere Buiten,  a stop and parking ban will be implemented on the Evenaar, passage/lane of the Keerkring towards Globeplein and the access road to Brasiliaplaats. 

Flea Market

In number of streets and squares in the centers of Almere City, Buiten, Haven and Poort, everyone can sell pre-loved stuffs on the flea markets. The flea market starts in Almere Stad and Almere Buiten on Friday evening April 26th at 17.00 pm and lasts until Saturday 27 April 17.00 hours. In Almere Haven, there is a flea market on Friday evening from 17.00 pm to 22.00 pm and on King's Day itself, especially on the canals and the Markt (market). That is no different than in previous years. This cosy folk festival has been there for years and is supported by the municipality. However, there is no further programming on Thursday evening.  In Almere Poort (Cascade Park at the Clock House) flea market wlill also be available. 

Lumièrepark & Parkwijk are known areas for children's market and activities. In Lumierepark, from 9.00 tot 17.00 kids can setup their own spaces to sell their old toys, books, clothes, shoes etc in the park. In Parkwijk, On the grass field between Cranberrylaan and Parkwijklaan a King's Day blown up obstacle course,  bouncy castles for the kids available. 

In Eilandenbuurt on the school yard of OBS De Archipel located in Maldivenweg 45, kids are welcome between 10.00 and 13.00 to buy or sell. There is a  free face-painter  and Small Step takes care of watre to drink, fruit to eat and glitter tattoos.

There are rules laid down by the Gemeente specially for this day.  

Kids' and Parents' King's Day Checklist:
To keep in mind, Before heading Out.

👍 Wear Orange
👍 Dutch flag Face paint or Crown Glitter Tattoo

SOURCE: Weeronline

👍 Rain is expected, with a chance of cold breeze... bring a rain and windprotection jackets for the kids. Specially if you are going to open areas.
👍 Charge your phone and cameras.
👍 before heading out, make it clear to the kids what is the allowed maximum value and quantity they are allowed to spend and buy.
👍 make agreements about misbehaviors

👍 Most importantly, use an SOS tag It's very crowded out there. Make sure your child is wearing an SOS tag with an easily contacted number written on it. If you dont have one, improvise by using a permanent marker and write it on your child's arm.

To add; Upon arriving on your destination, immediately look for outposts or the stage where people performs - have a gameplan with yoir child that in case you get separated that is the spot he/she have to go.

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