Happy Service Provider = Happy Expat

Bear in mind that a smile creates a very welcoming vibe into any situation. Expats need a friendly face that is there to help them with their needs.

Family Expat Center partners with organizations that given with Happy Expat Seal of Approval certification. The said certification is based on criteria every expat require and deserve and that of which recommended to the organizations to provide a high-quality service to their Expat clients. Family Expat Center's company mission, work, and service philosophy is entailed with deep understanding, empathy and necessities of every entity of an expat family and it's vital that this aligns with the how a service provider's business ethics and mission.

Happy Expat Seal of Approval criteria
1. Website English translation availability
The company website's content should be in English or a "translate to English" button should be available. The contents should be written with clarity and professionally translated and has to provide complete contact details and follows the privacy law.
2. Customer service/support  in English
It is vital that the company has an English speaking staff that can provide the service to the clients not just verbally but also in written correspondences.
3. Terms and Conditions and Contracts without hidden clauses and  in English
As there might be contracts needed to be in Dutch to comply with the Dutch regulations, the companies must be able to provide the client with English translations of the terms and conditions as well as the contracts with clarity and no hidden clauses.
4. Registered in the Netherlands
The service provider company should be registered at the Kamer van Koophandel (KVK) and the KVK number should be clearly written on the website.
5.  Expat Empathy and Understanding
 The service provider needs to be able to demonstrate experience and knowledge about the challenges faced by expats in Almere and be able to provide solutions and services to support them.