Rediscover your Utmost Potential (Empowerment through Crossroads)

In cooperation with; 

The course aims to enable you in distinguishing your goals and assist you in realizing and creating a streamlined and focused intention-based plan in this phase of your life. It will empower you to have more confidence in yourself and your capabilities. Rediscover your womanly strength and make a plan for your future as a powerful Woman together with your personal coach. The course will guide you to find work, voluntary job, follow a new education, set up a business that fits you like a glove. Together with your coach, we will help you to find the quickest route to pursuing your personal plans. This course is a tool to help you visualize, prioritize, inspire and motivate your goals and turn them into actions.

If you answer any of the following questions with a YES, Join us for this life-changing English spoken course. 
- Would you like to do something for yourself?
- Do you want to unravel what you really love to do?
- Do you want to know what you are good at?
- Do you want a confidence boost and self-esteem for a good success foundation?
- Do you want to discover what you still need to learn, to achieve your goals/plans?
- Yearning to take care of yourself while taking care of others?

- Women who want to be inspired and empowered to rebuild their career life.
- Women who are open to learning and open for mindset shift.

- Communicating more effectively
- Expanding your view of the world
- Learning to live the life that you want
- Finding your talents and your learning objectives
- Knowing how to sell yourself when applying for a job
- Use and Broadening your Networking effectively

Before signing up, we wish to let you know that;

- You are taking a course  that introduces yourself to understanding
HOW to Empower your life as a Woman next to Motherhood and being a Spouse.
- Your 100% commitment and motivation is the key to your success.
- There are no planned training scheduled during school holidays and there are weeks that are strategically planned to ensure the effectiveness of the program, in these weeks we are to schedule the Individual One-on-One Coaching Sessions.

The whole program consists of 30 hours of training with the group plus an added 2 times 1-hour One-on-One Individual Coaching. The group training is scheduled on 10 Mondays of 3 hours. The One-on-One Coaching will be scheduled with the Coach as per the availability.

The full advantage of the course can be achieved by Time Investment. Upon signing-in in this course - you are making a commitment with yourself and your self-development.

* This program is currently running, kindly fill-up the form below if you want to sign-up for the upcoming group and be notified when new dates has been set.